The Switchcracker™

$11.99 each

Crack open MX or BOX style switches with ease!

The Switchcracker is a simple tool designed to make opening lots of keyboard switches fast and easy. 

Note: Clips will now be in silver color. This filament is stronger, prints cleaner, and has better visual contrast to the typical black switch case bottoms.

The Switchcracker features:

  • Rugged 3D printed construction
  • Interchangeable prongs for use with MX or BOX style switches
  • Hold-flat design for maximum stability
  • Countersunk through-holes for mounting the tool directly to your work surface
  • Optional rubber feet are included

Each unit includes:

  • Switchcracker main body
  • 4 prongs for MX and BOX switches (2 each style)
  • 4 self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Instruction sheet

Please note: Colors are random unless otherwise specified. Random choice receives a $2.00 discount.

DIY Keyboards Switchcracker Instruction Sheet 2018 05 30

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